Thoughts on Finishing Book 3

Three down, four to go!

So I’ve just now finally finished Shield Breaker (I wrote this post literally just after I’d typed the ending and I’m uploading it two days later), and some of those scenes were so intense I had to have a lie down afterwards. I felt drained while the characters were drained – it’s strange how much writing can take out of you. I’m so happy and relieved and satisfied I’ve finished it! Seriously, parts of the book hit me really hard. My characters have been in pain, crying, covered in blood, forcefully separated from each other… This book was almost as painful as Book 4 is going to be.

Writing a few scenes I’ve dreamed about, imagined playing in movie trailers, was really surreal – especially when they turned out how I always hoped they would!

I can’t believe that I’m half a book away from being halfway through the Soul Seeker series. Because the idea for Soul Seeker has been in my head since I was 15, and in all those old versions of the series I never managed to get past Book 1. Now I’m done with Book 3 and I know this is the version of the idea that’s here to stay. I will finish it one day. I’ll write Book 7 and probably go cry for a full day.

Whenever I finish writing a book I always feel like… now what do I do?? What do I do with my life until I’m ready to start the next one?

Shield Breaker: completed 22/7/17 at 93,082 words and 39 chapters. And a very bittersweet ending.

It’s not all on Wattpad yet either – I’m still going to be uploading it a chapter a day which gives me chance to read through everything and make sure the stuff I’ve just written actually makes sense… and isn’t really stupid…

I’ve also started reading my own work out loud to myself and it’s very helpful! When revising I tend to skim read even if I don’t mean to. But reading out loud forces me to spend longer on each sentence. (Plus I’ve started getting very into character and emotional whenever I have to speak dialogue… Maybe I should be an actor. I’m kidding. I’d be a terrible actor. In Drama class they used to force us to stand up and perform, and I used to get very bad stage fright. I was a shy, quiet child, so Drama was literally hell for me. I dropped it as soon as I could…)


On Writing A Book In A Month

So I finished Soul Seeker Book 2 in roughly 3 weeks. Aaand it came out at 91,000 words, making it 10,000 longer than Soul Seeker! (I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages now, it’s a bit late – I think I finished it on the 2nd April, which means I started writing it on like the 16th March.)

I always tend to write my books in a month, usually just by staying focused on it. Which means I end up writing constantly when not at school. I’ve always written this way and I honestly can’t relate to the majority of writers who seem to take 6+ months to finish a first draft. Am I rushing? Am I not spending enough time on each scene? Or am I just really weird?

I have no idea, but whatever I do, it seems to work for me. Writing this book was honestly just for myself. My A Level exams are coming up and I’ve just struggled through my last round of mock exams, so I desperately needed a creative outlet. And the plot ideas have been slowly building in my mind for a year – since I wrote and finished Soul Seeker! It felt satisfying to finally get down those scenes that have been floating in my head for so long. And when it came to it, I had such a detailed plan in mind that I didn’t even have to think about what I was writing. I knew exactly what I wanted to happen, pretty much. Sometimes I think I was born to write the Soul Seeker Series.

Writing the book was such a good way of relaxing and de-stressing. I could just tune the outside world out and focus on the project, falling in love writing every scene.

I think that’s the main reason I write. If Soul Seeker never gets published, I’ll still write the rest of the series, but for myself rather than for money – which is what I’ve done with the sequel. It’s on Wattpad at the moment, but without Soul Seeker being published it will never see the light of day. I just can’t stay away from the series and its characters. I’d be SO depressed if I couldn’t keep writing it.

I’m about to go on a complete writing hiatus until after the exam period, which I’m dreading, but I need to focus on grades and science for the next couple of months! I’m sure I’ll end up coming up with about 5 new story ideas during that time…

Oh, and speaking of: Villainous’s plot just keeps growing and growing, and I’ve ended up planning out what miiight also be a sequel! I can’t. Stop. The ideas. It feels like the story already exists, and it’s my mission to write it down.

AND I’ve dug out my old Soul Seeker notebooks to compile an overview of each separate book, so I can figure out what order everything happens in, and wow I’m excited to write Book 3 now! And Book 4. And Book 7, which will probably reduce me to a crying mess while I’m writing it. The septology is going to be epic.

On the subject of crying:

I’ve figured out why I don’t cry while writing emotional scenes. I DO get very emotional, I tend to bounce off the walls when I get new ideas for a scene, and sometimes my hands actually start shaking while I’m writing something big, but…

I’m one of those evil writers who LOVES writing misery. Angst, depression, pain… I love it. It’s so fun to write, especially when I know it’ll terrify my readers. So I tend to grin rather than cry while I’m writing, probably with the exception of character deaths. Those are hard. I hate taking complex, exciting voices out of my books.

Now I’m gonna go read The Fellowship of the Ring. I binge-watched all the LOTR movies last weekend and I think I’m obsessed. Seriously – I fall more in love with Middle-earth every time I rewatch a movie, and I’m determined to┬áread the books all the way through.