Thoughts on Finishing Book 3

Three down, four to go!

So I’ve just now finally finished Shield Breaker (I wrote this post literally just after I’d typed the ending and I’m uploading it two days later), and some of those scenes were so intense I had to have a lie down afterwards. I felt drained while the characters were drained – it’s strange how much writing can take out of you. I’m so happy and relieved and satisfied I’ve finished it! Seriously, parts of the book hit me really hard. My characters have been in pain, crying, covered in blood, forcefully separated from each other… This book was almost as painful as Book 4 is going to be.

Writing a few scenes I’ve dreamed about, imagined playing in movie trailers, was really surreal – especially when they turned out how I always hoped they would!

I can’t believe that I’m half a book away from being halfway through the Soul Seeker series. Because the idea for Soul Seeker has been in my head since I was 15, and in all those old versions of the series I never managed to get past Book 1. Now I’m done with Book 3 and I know this is the version of the idea that’s here to stay. I will finish it one day. I’ll write Book 7 and probably go cry for a full day.

Whenever I finish writing a book I always feel like… now what do I do?? What do I do with my life until I’m ready to start the next one?

Shield Breaker: completed 22/7/17 at 93,082 words and 39 chapters. And a very bittersweet ending.

It’s not all on Wattpad yet either – I’m still going to be uploading it a chapter a day which gives me chance to read through everything and make sure the stuff I’ve just written actually makes sense… and isn’t really stupid…

I’ve also started reading my own work out loud to myself and it’s very helpful! When revising I tend to skim read even if I don’t mean to. But reading out loud forces me to spend longer on each sentence. (Plus I’ve started getting very into character and emotional whenever I have to speak dialogue… Maybe I should be an actor. I’m kidding. I’d be a terrible actor. In Drama class they used to force us to stand up and perform, and I used to get very bad stage fright. I was a shy, quiet child, so Drama was literally hell for me. I dropped it as soon as I could…)


Writing Updates

Hi, guys! I’ve been doing a lot of writing recently, despite the fact that my first exam is in 5 days. It’s fine. I’m fine. I’m taking a break to study, I swear…

First of all, I finished Villainous!! I finished it on the 4th June, which means it took about 3-4 months to write, and its current length is 125,000 words! It’s a chunky book baby. My biggest so far. I’m excited to dive into a long read-through of the whole thing so I can start editing (and hopefully straighten out some sentences that don’t make sense), but I think I’m pleased with its current state, as I had a really detailed plan when I started writing! I always think I’ll never be able to do the big, epic scenes justice, but I usually manage okay, I think, when it actually comes to writing them! Self doubt is a writer’s worst enemy.

I also have an idea for Villainous’s sequel! Villainous has turned into a duology now, which is cool, but the idea’s still only vague at the moment…

In other news, I’ve caved in to my weaknesses and started writing Soul Seeker Book 3, even though writing it right now won’t help me get published at all… In May (the 17th, to be exact), a new character exploded into my mind. I was practically bouncing off the walls. I became so excited for the plot and how he was about to influence it. A whole new layer of the story had opened up in front of me out of nowhere, and not only that – this new guy also helps tie Books 2 and 4 in more closely! I plotted out his story and ended up fleshing out some of my important characters’ backstories, too, so I was over the moon when I’d written all my new ideas down!

I doubt I’ll be able to finish Shield Breaker (which is the working title) any time soon, but I’m pleased with what I’ve got down so far! I’m way too emotionally invested in Ciara’s story. I had to take a break after writing two intense scenes in a row, because it was affecting ME too much to continue.

I’ve started uploading Shield Breaker to Wattpad, and as I was really excited, I wrote about how honestly amazed I am that people have been interested enough to venture past Chapter 1 of Soul Seeker, let alone continue reading until Book 3! To my Wattpad readers, if any of you are reading this: thank you, thank you, thank you so much for taking an interest in Ciara and her Ice Age world!

In book news, I’ve been looking forward to reading Caraval by Stephanie Garber and my copy arrived yesterday! It’s so pretty. I’m going to start reading it now…