Finding Inspiration to Write

Hello! At the moment I’m waiting on replies from agents, as well as trying (and failing) to study for my A Level exams – that are only two and a half weeks away now. It still hasn’t sunk in.

I’ve also been hard at work trying to complete Villainous, which I’ll probably start querying one day if Soul Seeker doesn’t work out. I’m very close to the end, but I’ve hit a wall. The dreaded writer’s block has claimed me at last.

BUT as I’ve been writing books since I was 12, I know a way around it! Kind of.

Writer’s block or artist’s block affects us all at some point. It’s terrible, sitting and staring at a blank screen, knowing roughly what you want to write but not having the motivation or inspiration to turn your thoughts into words. Sometimes typing one sentence feels like a massive effort.

First tip: close the Word document and get away from your computer. Staring at that screen will only frustrate you – and you need some time away from your story. If you force yourself to write, the result won’t be good because there’ll be no passion behind it. It shouldn’t feel like a chore!

Second tip: watch or read something you like. For example, reread your favourite books. Put on that TV show you’ve been wanting to watch for ages. Your creative mind needs time to rest and recharge, and this is one of the best ways to do it! Seriously – dive into something you’re passionate about. You might even remember what aspect of your story gripped you when you first thought of it – and then you’ll want to return to the computer to carry on writing it.

Third tip: go for a walk, meet up with friends, go somewhere new, or just do some errands that you’ve been putting off! If you’re anything like me, at least a small percentage of your mind is always mulling over story ideas, and while you’re focusing on these other tasks something might just click! It always happens when you least expect it – story ideas have popped into my head at the most random times.

In my case, I’m about to write the chunk of Villainous that is the war. The culmination of the whole quest so far. But I’ve never written a fight that’s on such a large scale – I’m picturing what I want to happen and thinking of The Lord of the Rings – so I’ve decided to put it to one side for now. I want to do Villainous justice, I can’t force myself to write the most important scenes in the book when I feel worn out. (One reason for this might also be because of my looming exams, but I’m trying not to think about those right now. I am revising. I swear.)

So my plan at the moment is to continue reading A Court Of Wings And Ruin, the third ACOTAR book by Sarah J Maas! Oh, Sarah’s books. Sarah is my idol – I’m in love with every single one of the characters she’s created. She owns my heart. As ACOWAR is the only book she’s written that I haven’t read all of, I think it’ll be the best remedy for my writer’s block. I’m only halfway through so far and I’m so in love!

It doesn’t help that I’m anxiously waiting for an agent to reply to me, too. And trying to stay away from my emails. Supposedly the publishing industry is 90% waiting, and I’m a very impatient person, sooo…

I hope this has helped anyone struggling with writer’s block at the moment! Even if you haven’t started a book but you’re trying to think of ideas for one – these tips still apply. Try them out and see what happens! What do you find works for you?